Area Rugs with Heart

I never thought about it that much, but after a very informative presentation from Ryan Higgins VP of Tamarian Carpets at Kush Rugs, it makes sense that the higher the altitude the denser the sheep’s coat, which yields a strong, lanolin-rich wool that is spun into yarn.  Tamarian not only uses this amazing yarn to create their beautiful rugs and carpets to last decades, they also use eco-friendly dyes and sheer the sheep with warm sheers.

It is also wonderful to know that Tamarian is committed to giving back to  the people of Nepal who make their carpets and  rugs by sponsoring charity:water to drill for clean well water in Nepal.

Next time I step foot on one of Tamarian’s masterpieces it won’t just be the carpet that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling!




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  • August 9, 2012 at 2:00 pm // Reply

    Fantastic story about these rugs!. Never knew that!

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