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Design and style are the elements that define me and the expertise I offer my clients. Since I was very young I have been influenced by my architect father and fashion savvy mother, and even today, I find those influences coming out in my work and art. I’m one of the few designers that can design engineered solutions, plus add in a fashion sense to a room or home, and fuse existing and new elements into a perfect setting and experience.

I started my own company after realizing I have something wonderful and genuine to bring to the design community – a fusion of several art forms – interior design, fashion, music and visual art. All of these elements influence us, define us, move us and provide the emotional content of our lives. Shouldn’t your interior designer understand these influences? I think so.

Earlier in my journey, I’ve been a professional musician, fashion designer and worked in many aspects of retail from sales to designing memorable and eclectic window displays for fashion forward junior clothing and heavily themed gift stores, and finally an interior designer (UCLA graduate). Interior planning and design has become my absolute joy.

In fact, these revelations led me to an important discovery… the environments in which we live need to take into account lifestyle choices from fashion, music, color influences and moods, entertainment collection, pastimes, pets and family activities. I found that when I spend this critical time understanding the eventual environment of a client, what their personal tastes are, what is important and a priority in their life, we find something that is beyond what they may have envisioned – and together we create something that is essential in their life.

I’ve been blessed to work with a wide variety of clients from celebrities to first time home buyers and everyone in-between. I work to adjust my fees to match the client’s needs, and it’s my personal mission to help as many people find the perfect living environment as possible. My interior planning and design firm is at the ready to help you discover your hidden retreat or entertainment haven. Let’s work together!

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