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Wendy O’Brien has the ability to create the perfect environment, home, and sanctuary. We specialize in many different styles, from modern to traditional and simple elegance to rock-n-roll fantasy. Our capacity to satisfy your interior and planning needs stems from years of working with a variety of clientele, utilizing a multitude of design themes, along with our ability to listen, study and understand your needs.

Kick Off Your New Life

Our first time homeowner program is specially designed for those looking to kick off their new life with some style and guidance. Part of our mission is to bring style, design and elegance to people at all stages of their life journey – especially at the start. Our Essentials of Living Well™ program does not exclude those starting out; in fact we have a special program just for you!

Our entry level fees are very affordable, and out of the experience you will receive counsel and guidance on creating a home you’ll be proud to show off! We can fuse your existing furnishings with new furnishings, help you find the colors that best express yourself, bring in exciting and simple do-it-yourself projects, and give you a master plan to work toward over a specific time period. Learn more about our Services.

Try on a New Room

If you are looking to update a room or two, enhance your lifestyle, create a room of drama or elegance – then consider our Try On a New Room package of design options. Let’s say you want to transform your living room or TV room into a more entertaining space. Great, let’s talk about your vision, your ideas and goals. We are specialists in creating the perfect living space for your home, one room at a time. It’s a great way to get started towards your dream home! One of the biggest challenges is taking your existing furnishings and utilizing them with new furnishings and color elements. We are very good at room transformations. Plus see our Turn Up The Style section for even more ideas! Learn more about our Services.

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Elevate Your Space

The Essentials of Living Well™ program works wonderfully for those who are looking to elevate their life through a complete redesign or remodel. You may be thinking of all new furnishings, artwork and accessories, changing the interior structure of your home, and/or just redoing the finishes throughout.

This program takes into account your lifestyle choices – from fashion, music, color influences and moods, entertainment collection, your pastimes your pets and family activities. I spend this critical time understanding the eventual environment that will fit your personal tastes, what is important and a priority in your life, perhaps beyond what you may have envisioned – and together we create something that is essential, not just desired.

This is the perfect time to take a step back and really think about the type of home environment you envision, and let us take you through our program. Transforming your home into the perfect sanctuary and paradise is an exciting process, and the end results should exceed your expectations! We are able to work with your contractors, remodeler and specialists… and our planning and design abilities will excite them as well. Remember our skills include – fabrics, surface materials, flooring, paints and textures, furnishings, whole house design planning and lighting. Its time to elevate your space, elevate your lifestyle and create the perfect living environment! Learn more about our Services.

Turn Up the Style

For those who are looking for a designer that can go way out – and we mean way out there for your home or commercial space…look no further!  One of our specializations is “thematic design.”  Whether it’s 50’s-60’s Mid-Century Swank, Gothic/ Industrial, Hollywood Retro Glam, Ultra Modern Chic, or whatever can be imagined, we can bring it to life! Very few designers in the Northwest or around the country have the ability to source, create and design to your specific themed tastes. This program also works well for homeowners who want a studio for recording music, an artist loft, or even a yoga studio modeled after a tropical retreat.

If you’ve ever wanted a room, or even an entire home modeled after your favorite passions, movies, or era… you just found the designer who can make it come to life. Learn more about our Services.

Why Hire?

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