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Home Builder Services

We offer complete home builder design packages, allowing a builder to utilize our services during all phases of construction, planning and design. If you are looking for an outstanding living environment, kitchen or bath, color choices and surface material selections, floor plans, lighting plans and even a furniture plan for all rooms of the home – we have the skills, experience and assets to support your build – and stay within your prescribed budgets.  We are able to support all styles, genres, and architecture and even bring some cutting edge thought to your project.  When it comes to custom builds, we are a resource and support system you should have from day one… we know how to make a client happy.  We are able to provide complete renderings and plans for builders and are able to work and resource with designer showrooms, retailers, and we specialize in textiles, lighting, surface materials, and current “green” products.  We also function as a liaison between client and builder to expedite decisions and specifications for a smoother building process.

Remodeler Services and Planning

We provide complete remodeling services and have tremendous ongoing relationships with some of the top contractors in town in order to take care of your entire remodeling needs.  If you’re seeking a kitchen, bath, room addition or whole-house remodel, we have interior planning and design packages you should consider.  One of our greatest strengths is the ability to fuse your client’s current furnishings, artwork, color choices and décor, with the new proposed look, treatments and designs. This skill is invaluable with very selective clients.  We are outstanding color consultants in the areas of paint, textures, fabrics, window treatments, cabinetry, and new surface materials. We will help bring all the elements together within a complex or simple remodel project.  Additionally, we are very good at working with your sub-contractors, suppliers, client partners and sources.  We can create elevations, renderings and help present your concepts so that everyone wins, and the project is a success. We also function as a liaison between client and builder to expedite decisions and specifications for a smoother building process.

Commercial Properties

As part of our commercial services, we are able to create cutting edge office space, retail selling environments or restaurant/bar designs.  We may be your best and most affordable choice! One of our strengths is edgy, creative and memorable designs that motivate; outstanding social settings that promote both pleasurable and productive experiences. We are able to locate the most out-there wall art, moody and elegant lighting, find the most cutting edge furnishings and floor coverings.  You have to see our designs to believe them!  If you want to make a statement, create word of mouth that is positive and strong….  Come see us!

Homeowner Services

Our planning and design services are custom tailored to each homeowner and we strive to take the uncertainty, worry and concern of interior design and turn all of that into an enjoyable, fun experience.  The design of your home should be an exciting process!  First off, we are not here to just spend your money and go shopping; we take the responsibility of transforming your home into a pleasant, welcoming and delightful space very seriously.  We strive to find cost reductions, shop and compare and offer a variety of options in materials, fabrics and furnishings. We have tremendous resources all over the country and world, and work with the finest craftsmen, artisans and artists at all levels from high-end, to reasonably priced.  Rest assured, your home is in good hands. To find out more about our services, and how we can transform your home while improving your family’s overall well being, please CONTACT US now!


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