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    We Design

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    Thinking about home remodeling or just a fresh new look? It’s our great new cost effective program that allows us to design one or more rooms of your home virtually, without any in-person visit using the power of our design expertise and our electronic tools. If budgets are tight, or you are the kind of person who likes to do it yourself, this is a great way to get the professional design and planning help you need! So why don’t We-DESIGN it for you!

    How Does It Work?*

    First just fill out the initial questionnaire below so we can gather up the project details. Then we’ll send you a final quote!

    Once we have received your payment, we’ll create a private project box where you’ll be able to upload measurements, photos, and other necessary items. Then We-DESIGN for you!

    We’ll send you an inspiration board and floorplan of your new design, and if needed, we’ll make one round of revisions for the new design.

    You’ll get finalized detailed space plans, visual guides and a detailed shopping list of all items so you can implement your beautiful new space!

    * For home remodeling, including furnishings, fixtures, lighting & accessories projects only.
    New construction and whole-home designs are planned and priced separately. (currently we are 45-60 days out for new we-design projects.)

    We-DESIGN Examples

    Detailed Plans

    Inspiration Board

    Visual Guides

    The Benefits of We-DESIGN

    Compared to the traditional full-service interior design process where we manage and lead every part of the design and implementation activities from start to finish at our normal rates, the We-Design plan allows you total control over your own project AND saves a significant amount of money when budgets are tight. When you choose the We-Design approach, we won’t be involved in several of the traditional activities such as:

    • Creation of final construction documents for builder or remodeler.
    • Creation of 3d renderings for visualization of spaces.
    • Meetings with builder or remodeler and sub-contractors.
    • Physical travel and shopping of furnishings, lighting, accessories, plumbing, surface materials and appliances.
    • Ordering, tracking, deliveries, inspections & troubleshooting of furnishings, lighting, accessories, plumbing or surface materials.
    • Client meetings and site inspections.
    • Administrative activities and overall project management.

    The removal of all of the activities above means clients will save thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars depending on the size of the project. However, if you find that your project is significant enough that it might be too daunting for you to handle the entire process yourself, we are always available to help you with your entire new construction or home remodeling project at our normal rates. Just ask us!

    Pricing (Basic Room/Area Types)

    Pricing is for the following list of rooms or area types:

    • Living room
    • Family room
    • Dining room
    • Mudroom
    • Master bedroom
    • Guest bedroom
    • Kid’s room
    • Office
    • Pantry

    $1,895 for the first room *
    $1,495 for each room thereafter *

    * Based on current home floorplan. If home remodeling plan will involve the need for designer help with structural changes or footprint, price is subject to change.

    Pricing (Premium Room/Area Types)

    Pricing is for the following list of rooms or area types:

    • Kitchen
    • Master bath
    • Guest bath
    • Powder bath
    • Laundry room

    $2,995 - 5,995 *

    * Based on current home floorplan. If home remodeling plan will involve the need for designer help with structural changes or footprint, price is subject to change.

    We-DESIGN Deliverables

    Once we create and finalize all of our work, you will receive your We-Design package, which includes the following for each room:

    • Review of your Project Profile Worksheet.
    • “To scale” furniture plan with dimensions and furniture key.
    • Inspiration board for each room.
    • Detailed visual guide with a shopping list with live links.
    • Custom color palette.
    • Suggestions for accessory, art and window treatment (if applicable).
    • One minor revision to deliverables (larger revisions are billed at hourly rate of $135).

      1. Your Information

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      2. What rooms of your home are we helping you redesign? (Please check all that apply, and list what you want for each room, including approximate room size)

      3. Do you need design help with furnishings, lighting, artwork or other accessories? (Please check all that apply)

      If you already know what pieces of furnishings, lighting, artwork or other accessories you need, please list.

      Do you have a budget amount or limitation for furniture, lighting, artwork or accessories? If so, please specify which items and budget. This information helps us to design as close as we can to within your budget.

      4. Do you need design help with window treatments? (Please answer questions and check all that apply)

      If the answer is YES, please answer the following sections.

      5. Are you remodeling your home? (Please answer the following questions and check all that apply)

      Do you want to change the footprint of the room/space and or move walls? Please describe.

      Will you need design for any of the following new fixtures, materials, flooring or cabinetry? (Please check all that apply)

      Do you have a builder or architect involved with your remodel? If yes, have any plans been drawn up or other documentation created?

      Have you committed to any remodeling scheduling that would impact the deadline for our We-DESIGN work to be completed?

      Do you already have a budget amount or limitation for this We-DESIGN portion of your project? If so, please specify.

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